Ex-Members of Unhealthy Churches Share Their Experiences

Please note that the following experiences are the personal accounts of each person and reflect the views of the authors. Because an experience is included here, it is not meant as an endorsement from me, nor is it necessarily indicative of my views. Many different experiences are shared on this page to show the extent and aftermath of spiritual abuse and/or unbiblical teachings. Due to the various stages of healing in those writing, some experiences may reflect anger or bitterness. Some may even mention sinful actions on their part and this site certainly does not endorse or condone such. Contributors, regardless of their current beliefs, are encouraged to share what they have experienced in their former churches. Please try to keep your focus on the issue of spiritual abuse or unbiblical teachings. I have received numerous experiences that have not been posted, some due to content and some due to time constraints.

If anyone believes an experience posted directly to this site is not truthful, you are free to submit an article in rebuttal to be posted here.

Also, allow me to clear up a misconception about the sharing on this page. It has never been claimed by me that all the experiences shared are examples of spiritual abuse. Some are simply the author's recollections of their experience with a particular church, group or individual. They are events seen through the eyes of the individual writers, written from their perspective. It should be obvious that these may not cover every aspect of what happened. In addition, the lawsuit experiences are usually a gathering together of legal documents and/or news reports and have not been written or submitted by those involved.

Leaving Experiences
Journey of a Former UPC Church Duane's Journey
A Journey Out of the UPC- Lawrence "Buddy" Martin A Lifelong UPC Woman's Experience II
Why I Left Legalistic Pentecostalism- Mary Combs Jason Pound's Standards Experience
My Journey Guy Malone's UPC Experience

UPC Lawsuit & News Media Experiences
Jordan Young, Faith Tabernacle Preacher & Singer Faces Sodomy Charges Edwin Young, Faith Tabernacle Pastor Resigns Amidst Scandal
Videos From A Former Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church Member Nathan Dudley & Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church
Angela Driver's Slander Lawsuit Against UPC Pastor Mark Fogarty Sexual Abuse in United Pentecostal Churches
Rhonda Morrison's Slander Lawsuit Against UPC Pastor Ernest Bass Debra Worman & The Good-Life Pentecostal Church in York, Nebraska
Jason Scott's Deprogramming Lawsuit Robert Peterson Wins Custody of Children

Websites & Blogs of Former UPC/Apostolic Members

(Some of these are outside websites. Inclusion of these does not mean I endorse them all.)

Why I Left- Joshua Spiers, former UPC member A female former UPC member
Jason Pound- former UPC minister In Christ Alone- Bernie & Cheryl Gillespie, former UPC minister & wife
Mary- former UPC and Apostolic member Nancy- former UPC member & PK
Lynne Yohnk- former UPC minister's wife Recovering Pentecostal- Jenni, former UPC and Charismatic church member
Female former UPC member John LePage- former UPC member
Mark McNeil: Former UPC Minister Steps Taken: A Journey Out of the Wilderness- Female former UPC minister's wife
Confessional's Bytes: Jim Pierce, former UPC minister Former or Future Former United Pentecostals: Bill Iskra, former UPC member
It's About A Conversion Into Grace: One Woman's Blog Pastor Buddy's Journal- Blog of Buddy Martin, former UPC minister
Aaron Terrazas, former UPC member Near Emmaus: Blog of former UPC member, Brian LePort (& others)
Denise Snodgrass, former UPC member Joel Riley & Glen McGee, former UPC members
Robyn, former UPC member Ronna Russell, former UPC PK, daughter of Don Fisher
Daniel Lewis, Joseph Howell & Robin Wentworth, former UPC ministers/members Jon Eckenrod, former UPC minister
Bernie Gillespie, former UPC minister Paula Marlene Ryan, former UPC woman who was raped in a UPC Bible college
Lisa Jackson, 4th generation former UPC Boisy Pitre, former UPC PK who was molested by a UPC minister
Alex Frazier, former UPC The late Ren Rutledge had an evangelist molest him
Ralph Brickley, former Oneness Pentecostal & Texas Bible College graduate Emily Camera, former UPC

UPC Experiences
Skipp Paynter's UPC Experience Donna Fisher's UPC Experience
A Preacher's Kid Addresses The UPCI Peggy Lewis' UPC Experience
A Former Faith Tabernacle UPC Woman Shares Elizabeth Smith: Former Faith Tabernacle UPC Woman
Robin Wentworth's UPC Experience Jeffrey Gill's UPC Experience
Mary's UPC & Apostolic Experiences: Part One Mary's UPC & Apostolic Experiences: Part Two
Esther Peden's UPC Experience Jerry Peden's UPC Experience
Sterling Hammett's Experience
Duane's UPC Experience My UPC Experience
Mark Roberts' UPC Experience Mark & Beverly Roberts' UPC Experience
Chris's UPC Experience A Wife Shares Her UPC Experience
James Wilkins' UPC Experience Daniel Scott's UPC Experience
Diana Herrmann's UPC Experience Jason's UPC Experience
Andrew's UPC Experience Linda (Mangeruga) Ireland's UPC Experience
Eloise Herrin's UPC Experience Michelle Fox's UPC Experience
Chip's UPC Experience Mike & Linda Ventura's UPC Experience
Robert Clary's UPC Experience One Woman's UPC Experience
T. Johnson's UPC Experience Maxine's UPC Experience
Marcella Hovatter's UPC Experience Jeff Hughes' UPC Experience
Tracey's UPC Experience Lucy's UPC Experience
Ali's United Pentecostal Church Experience Jeff's UPC and Assembly of God Experiences
Jason Hasty's UPC Experience Brigid Erwin's UPC Experience
Dan Caudill's UPC Experience Jimmy Sanders' UPC Experience
A Lifelong UPC Woman's Experience Anne Wanger's UPC Experience
Ted's UPC Experience Kathleen's UPC Experience
One Oklahoma Woman's UPC Experience Experience In A Church Pastored By A UPCI Minister
UPC Experience Concerning Hair A Man's UPC Experience
Former Member Speaks Out Former Youth Leader's Experience
Another Man's UPC Experience My Cousin's UPC Experience
*Mark McNeil's UPC Experience *Gissel's Story
*Joshua Spiers' UPC Experience *Treatise by Ken Jacobsen
*Bernie Gillespie's UPC Experience *Cheryl Gillespie's UPC Experience
*Richard Phelps' UPC Experience with Harold Kern *Mike Barden's UPC Experience
*Mixed Emotions *Rae's UPC Experience and Views
*Jeff Jacobsen's UPC Experience *A Woman's UPC Experience
*David Vivas' UPC Experience *Another UPC Experience
*Disfellowshipped After 27 Years *Fear, Fear, Fear
*Ashley's Story *Cynthia Jeub's Story Of Helping Ashley
*Racquel's Experience *More On Racquel's Experience
*17 Years in the UPCI *Johnna Peeter's UPC Experience

* Denotes the experience is a link to another web site not operated by this one.

Other Bible-Based Experiences
*Eleanor Skelton's Independent Fundamental Experience
Dawn's Assemblies of God Experience Phil Wyman's Foursquare Experience
Ben's Apostolic Experience One Woman's Apostolic Experience
Oneness Apostolic Experience Keshia Baldwin's Apostolic Experience
An Apostolic Father Shares About His Son A Non UPC Apostolic Experience
One Woman's Hair and Standards Experience One Man's Apostolic Experience
Ben W.'s Authoritarian Charismatic Experience Sonja Evans' Charismatic Experience
Robin's Charismatic "Deliverance" Story David Thrower's Foursquare Experience
Rhonda's Assembly of God Experience Michael Byers AOG Experience
Helen's Assembly of God Experience Linda's Pentecostal Experience
Two Non-Denominational Church Experiences Mike's Non-Denominational Church Experience
A Woman's Fundamentalist Experience *Steve Born's Community Chapel & Charismatic Experiences
William's "Community Church" Experience Spiritual Abuse Can Happen in Baptist Churches
June Shafhid's Community Chapel Experience Jody's Controlling Church Experience
Rod's Church Experiences Melanie's Experience
Judson's 'Mixed Church' Experience *David Dorozan's Experience with the Hinns - have to scroll down some
*Robert & Linda Shepherd's 'Deliverance' Pentecostal Experience *Ernie's Truth Site- Former Apostolic

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